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Het Nieuwe Instituut's programming and R&D has an international focus that reflects the fact that design operates in a global field and presents itself on a global stage.

From its inception, Het Nieuwe Instituut has positioned itself as an organisation with an international scope. This is reflected in the institute’s three long-term research tracks, its exhibitions programme, its many activities abroad, and the contribution of numerous foreign researchers, designers, makers, critics and curators to its activities. The State Archive of (Dutch) Architecture is also part of an international dialogue through its loans to foreign museums and the role the collection plays in numerous internationally oriented exhibitions.

The institute has several formal international responsibilities. These include an extremely successful guest programme that introduces foreign professionals to the world of Dutch design; and curating and organising the Netherlands’ participation in international architecture biennales. The institute is also responsible for policy relating to internationalisation. In recent years this has included the development of a strong International Materials & Design network.

Het Nieuwe Instituut performs three key roles as Coordinator for the Internationalisation of the Creative Industries. It functions as coordinator, it maps talent and it stimulates international exchange of knowledge in areas where the creative industries can be directly involved in social issues.


Dutch pavilion at Cannes wins prize

The design of Studio Sabine Marcelis for the Dutch pavilion during Filmfestival Cannes, that serves as a meeting place for the international film industry, has won a Special Jury Prize. Marcelis was for the design inspired by 100 years of De Stijl.

Digital experts visited the Netherlands

A group of digital experts from North Rhine Westphalia and Flanders visited the Netherlands to expand their network in the world of digital culture and learn about current developments in the field as part of the International Visitors' Programme. Part of the programme was an expert meeting during the STRP Biënnale in Eindhoven. Jane Szita wrote an report about their meeting.

Interview with International Visitor Amy Cimini

Historian and performer Amy Cimini visited the Netherlands as part of the Sonic Acts Festival, a thematic festival with a strong focus on contemporary and historical developments at the intersections of art, science, music and technology. She was invited as part of the Het Nieuwe Instituut's International Visitors' Programma. R&D researcher Katía Truijen did an interview.

Publication Round N Around

Round N Around is a collaborative research project between the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam (HVA citizen data lab), the University of São Paulo and Het Nieuwe Instituut. With the support of local biker communities, researchers and public managers, the project aimed towards better biking conditions in São Paulo. The results of the two workshops and the conference are presented in a publication.