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Material Dialogue

Material Dialogue is an international collaboration between het Nieuwe Instituut and Happy Materials / MatériO Prague, coming from the international network concerned with the innovation in materials, design and sustainability. During Designblok 2016, the designweek of Prague, three Dutch designers will present their work and debate with Czech designers on the following question: how can the innovation of materials, inspired by nature, make a difference in the 21st century? All six  designers are involved in research and development of new materials through far-reaching experimentation. In their research they work with all kinds of materials such as salt, energy, silk, PLA plastic, pumpkin, yarn and cement. Using 3D-printing techniques they develop resourceful solutions for contemporary environmental issues. Creating new perspectives on sustainable production methods though experimentation, these designers contribute to the smarter and cleaner use of materials.  In this way, they reinforce and improve a circular ecosystem.  

This is an international collaboration with Happy Materials MatériO Praguewithin the  international network of innovation in materials, design and sustainability. Within the framework of the event Material Times - the magazine of MatériO Prague - wrote an article. The participating designers were Eric Geboers, Marjan van Aubel, Michelle Baggerman, Eliška Hlavačková, Ondřej Trnka, Tereza Dvořáková and Hana Němcová.

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International Materials & Design Network

Within the advancing international network of innovation in materials, design and sustainability, a growing number of new collaborative projects is being set up. Earlier this year Het Nieuwe Instituut developed a program concerning urban self-sufficiency during the international multidisciplinary designfestival FADfest 2016 (Barcelona). Three Dutch designers worked together with three Spanish designers and three international designers/architects in the program: 'The material Farm, agriculture, food&living organisms: a source for new materials’.

More international collaborations include working visits by Dutch designers and international activities for the New Material Award.

Het Nieuwe Instituut and international partners organize these activities to realize more market expansion in the design field, in so doing contributing to the internationalization of Dutch design practice.