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For the Cannes Film Festival Studio Sabine Marcelis designed a spatial composition that served as a meeting place for the international film industry. A variation on the composition is on show from 14 October 2017 in Gallery 3.

In 2017 EYE International and the Netherlands Film Fund collaborated with Het Nieuwe Instituut to create a Dutch Pavilion inspired by De Stijl at the Cannes Film Festival. The designer Sabine Marcelis (born in the Netherlands, raised in New Zealand, and now based in Rotterdam) was chosen for the commission based on her extensive investigation of colour, light, geometry and space since her studio’s foundation in 2011. Marcelis revives the avant-garde spirit of De Stijl by dissolving the barriers between the creative fields of design, architecture, film, art and experience, and proves that deep collaboration between these disciplines is the path to visual, technological and cultural innovation in the present day.