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Het Nieuwe Instituut is a resource for international professionals, organisations, policy makers and companies with an interest in Dutch creative industries. Het Nieuwe Instituut’s remit for research, reflection and mediation forms the basis for these activities. As a knowledge broker, the information point connects parties with a special interest in the social potential of the design disciplines with relevant partners in the Netherlands. In addition, the institute is also part of a growing network of experts and partners that can offer added value to international knowledge exchange.

The institute now has a special information point, where Willemijn Brakenhoff will respond to questions and proposals from foreign professionals. She welcomes all questions concerning design and the creative industries, especially in those fields in which creative expertise is directly related to urgent social issues.

The information point’s activities are grouped, with other forms of international mediation, in the Agency. The institute wishes not only to offer information but also to bring about a real exchange of knowledge. The Agency coordinates and stimulates international partnerships. The information point will be able to answer many questions through its network or pass them on to relevant partners in the Netherlands, especially when it concerns one of the priority countries named in the government’s international cultural (c) and economic (e) policy: Argentina (e), Belgium (c&e), Brazil (c&e), China (c&e), Egypt (c), Finland (e), France (c&e), Germany (c&e), Egypt (c), India (e), Indonesia (c&e), Italy (c), Japan (c&e), Libanon (c), Mali (c), Marokko (c), Palestinian areas (c), Poland (e), Russia (c&e), Spain (e), Suriname (c), Turkey (c&e), United Kingdom (c&e), United States (c&e), South Africa (c) and South Korea (c). For information requests about the economic or commercial aspects of the creative industries – which are beyond the institute’s remit – the information point will make use of its contacts in organisations such as the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Federation of Dutch Creative Industries.

The institute regularly organises workshops, presentations and discussion forums at which knowledge and information can be exchanged between international partners. Under the leadership of the Topteam Creative Industries, there is periodical consultation about the internationalisation programmes in which Het Nieuwe Instituut participates alongside the ministries concerned, the Creative Council, the Creative Industries Fund, the Federation of Dutch Creative Industries and other parties.

Questions about the information point can be directed to